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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Featuring Armaan Dhillon #mystery #thriller writer #MTW #MFRWorg

TODAY’S guest for Mystery Thriller Week is
Armaan Singh Dhillon, author of
A Nazi War Criminal In India
In general, I think it was just the love I had towards writing. I’m one of those who feel that writing can move people to a great extent. Both in Positive and Negative direction. It goes for movie screenwriting as well as for a novel or any book. A good story can go bad if the writing is not up to the mark and a mediocre one can reach good heights if words and writing is done by someone who feels the story, words. Someone who knows how to write a sentence in a way which will leave a big mark in the mind of the reader for a very long time. Writing is a free tool and can be used for almost every decision. All the laws, amendments etc are first written down and then followed. Writing has the power to put the world upside down 

Satisfaction that you get from writing a book. I remember when I had just started writing my book, I used to think about fame, money etc. all the materialistic things that exist was in my mind. But it was after my book got published that I was content with the satisfaction of just getting my work out there in the public. There's a sense of self-respect. People also see you with respect. I think that's the best reward of being an author. So having published a novel was a dream which has now been realized. 
“A Nazi War Criminal In India” is my first book. Nazis have always fascinated me. Although I strongly believe that whatever they did during their regime was wrong and I condemn it, but the way they controlled everyone, their uniforms, banners, salute and their way of acting towards an issue was just unique and different which mesmerised me. The movies that I have watched related to Nazis have always made me want to write something of my own. So relating Nazis to India was a big task, but I worked on it for a very long time and came up with this story. And I do believe that I have done justice to the whole concept of my story.

   Be aware of your surroundings. Check whether the person you are friends with seems suspicious to you or not. 
    21st July 2011  I was tired, exhausted and my mind didn’t seem to work at all. I stared down at the cigarette grasped effortlessly by my fingers. I debated with myself whether or not to smoke it, but eventually gave in to my craving for that nicotine hit and decided to light it in just a bit. I didn’t even realise that I had reached my college after walking for 15 kilometres on an extremely sunny day. I looked up consciously for the first time since I started walking from “that” house. I was sweaty and thirsty. There were a few acquaintances who said “Hi” and “Kaisa hai Rohan Ahluwalia” to me, to which all I could respond was, with mere expressionless stares. I saw a board which said that the renowned film director ‘Ayush Mehra’ is visiting our college to present a motivational speech. 
FIND AUTHOR  Armaan Singh Dhillon at: Author Central Page
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Armaan, you mentioned World War II movies that fascinated you--can you tell me some of them?

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Angela Adams said...

Best wishes with your book, Armaan.

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