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Saturday, February 18, 2017

#MysteryThrillerWeek #author Miriam A. Averna #thriller #mystery #MFRWorg

TODAY’S  #MysteryThrillerWeek author is

Miriam A. Averna, writer of No Cure for Fear 
WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO?  I listen mostly to Indie and Rock but if a song has a catchy tune, be it Taylor Swift or Rudimental, then I will undoubtedly add it to my playlist. 
WHAT DREW YOU INTO WRITING THE GENRE YOU DO?  I love thrillers, always have done.  They say you should write the genre you've read the most and I certainly have.  My favorite thriller writer is Blake Crouch - love his ideas! 
HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE IDEA OF YOUR BOOK?  It was actually during a Creative Writing class.  The teacher held up a newspaper article on thieving apes on a down-trodden housing estate and then my mind went off on a tangent.  Happy to report there are no apes in my finished book!
How far would you go to save a loved one?  How many other lives would you risk in the process? 
‘If we’d wanted the best we would’ve approached your brother.’  

That was a knee in the stomach for Ralph.
‘You're good at what you do,’ a pause before she continued, ‘but your brother is, well, much better.'
This wasn’t news to him, but she didn’t have to deliver it so cuttingly and with such nonchalance.
‘Your brother is moral, ethical, everything that you, conveniently for us, are not. You were the right ‘fit' Ralph.' she said, using her fingers to indicate speech marks.
He hated how she seemed to relish putting him down, but the lump now lodged in his throat stopped him responding, allowing the onslaught to continue.
Unaware of the torment within Ralph, she went on ‘No, we wanted someone with questionable scruples and unabashed determination, someone desperate, if you will.' Dr Ripley looked directly into his eyes. 
Ralph's mouth was dry, his palms sweaty. He tried to swallow but couldn't. 
‘We know your history, Ralph.' said Dr Ripley, flatly. 

He knew exactly what the doctor was referring to. Something he was certain at the time would inevitably shape his future. How she’d come to learn of it was what unnerved him the most. Recalling the methodological approach that he’d taken to cement his future in biomedicine, simultaneously shattering that of his lab partner, he raised his chin slightly, knowing his actions to have been nothing other than justified. His lips formed an arrogant smirk as he cleared his throat. ‘It was natural selection,' he retorted, ‘collateral damage, if you will.’ 

FIND AUTHOR   Miriam A. Averna at:  Website

FIND No Cure for Fear at: Amazon

Miriam, I love how the article in your creative writing class jumpstarted your story. Did your head go BING! when you began?


Angela Adams said...

Some of our best ideas pop into our head while taking a class! Best wishes with your book, Miriam!

Mim A said...

My head did go BING and then kept on BINGING lol. Thanks for having me on your blog Vicki ��

vicki batman said...

Absolutely, Mim!

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