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Monday, February 13, 2017

#MysteryThrillerWeek author is Khristina Atkinson romance with Intrigue and Suspense #MFRWorg #romanticsuspense #handbaglover


KhristinaAtkinson, Author ofRomance with Added Intrigue and Suspense 
WHAT TYPE OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO?  My son downloaded all of his Maroon 5 CD's onto my iTunes.  "One More Night" inspired a few tension filledscenes between Kate Hollingsworth-Collins and Nathan Reed.  "Animals" was perfect for theirirresistibleattraction to each other. 
WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN YOU SOLD YOUR FIRST BOOK?  Funny you should ask considering the name of your blog.  I bought myself a new handbag to celebrate.  They're my addiction. 
HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THE IDEA OF YOUR BOOK?  I love spy movies, particularly James Bond.  I wanted a woman to be main character and a spy and came up with the reason for her to choose the profession about six years ago when I began jotting down ideas for the book.  Her mother and father die in a horrific accident, so she'sdrivento become a spy, the only job dangerous enough for her to meet her demise and be reunited with her parents.
Kate Collins is paired with sexy Special Agent Nathan Reed for her first field assignment, who can't keep his eyes or hands off of her.  As she's tailing her person of interest, she accosts a total stranger in the hotel hallway with a kiss to keep her cover from being blow.  
Julia Hollingsworth was engaged to another man when she had the pleasure of meeting Travis Collins at a Christmas party.  One of the professors they had in common was hosting the event at his home.  Travis was confident and ambitious with clear-cut goals for his future that he was determined to achieve.  He took one look at Julia and his priorities shifted to include her in the life he had already mapped out for himself. 
She observed him staring at her.  He was discernibly handsome with his ebony hair and eyes the color of a Ceylon sapphire.  His navy suit fit him like a glove and was paired with a cerulean dress shirt.  Blue was her favorite color.  When he smiled at her, his dimples were revealed.  Darn those dimples.  She couldn’t resist them andhad to smile back. 

Lovely to have you visit with me today, Khristina! How long have you been writing?


Angela Adams said...

Few women can resist a man with dimples!

vicki batman said...

Ha, Angela! I have a son with them. :)

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