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Sunday, February 12, 2017

#MysteryThrillerWeek #author Jude Roy #amwriting #detectiveseries #mysteryseries #MFRWorg

TODAY’S #MysteryThriller week author is
Jude Roy who writes Small town Cajun fiction, big time mysteries
and is the author of

Searching for Lilith. 
WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO WRITE? I come from the Cajun culture and since the French they speak, mostly 16th century French with more than a few made-up words, is not a written language, there were lots of storytellers in my community. Stories were how they passed on history, taught, and entertained. Once I learned how to write, I felt obligated to pass them on. 
WHAT IS THE FIRST BOOK YOU REMEMBER READING? The first book I remember reading is a juvenile biography of Daniel Boone; however, I quickly moved on from there. I read Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court shortly afterwards. I guess I have to credit Twain with getting me started writing.  
WHAT DREW YOU INTO WRITING THE GENRE YOU DO? I actually write in two genres, literary and mystery/detective. All my training has been in literary; therefore, I write in that genre. However, as a young boy of fifteen or sixteen, I discovered Spillane, Cohen, Hammett, Chandler, and a handful of others. Several years ago, John LeGrand, my detective, visited me, so I started his tales.   

When John LeGrand agreed to find Zack Miller's daughter, missing for over twenty years, he did not expect to have to save her from a criminal step father, a drug king pin, and a determined sniper. He had only one option: lead them to his home turf and hope he had done the right thing. 
Annie itched all over from the very bottoms of her feet to her scalp. She hoped the guy at whose house she'd spent the night did not have bedbugs. She dug around in his refrigerator looking for something to eat while scratching her stomach. All she could find were three beers, a jar of moldy mayonnaise, and a plastic squeeze bottle of mustard. She opened the vegetable drawer and immediately regretted it. There were two potatoes in there that had sprouted vines, a stalk of celery with black spots on it that looked cancerous to her, and a rotten-smelling onion. Hurriedly, she shut the drawer and grabbed the mustard jar. She found a loaf of bread with a couple of slices not covered in green mold and made herself a mustard sandwich. She washed it down with a beer. Empty calories were better than no calories. 
FIND AUTHOR Jude Roy at: Website
FIND Searching for Lilith AT: Book

Jude, what is the Cajun phrase you use all the time?

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