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Monday, November 20, 2017

Checking out sassy gifts w Pauline Baird Jones #mystery #accessories #Zulily

Handbag and Book
with Pauline Baird Jones

This very sassy handbag was a gift from my sister. She got it from the so awesome Zulily (crack for stress shoppers?).
The designer/line is Anuschka Handbags. She has a lot of whimsical and very striking handbags. I get lots of compliments when I carry it. :-)


A retired detective is determined to woo his high school sweetheart while they try to solve a murder.

Weren’t we the class that was going to live forever? How delusional was that?”

“Everyone is delusional in high school,” Zach pointed out. “We all thought we were invincible.” A hint of sad entered his gaze, which felt like headlights beamed on her face.

Becca knew how to hold a gaze. She had to in her business, but it was the first time she felt like, well, a girl. With a guy. Almost young again. Like they had been an item way back when and now they were having a moment.

And then, because fate was mean, over Zach’s shoulder Becca saw Bubba Pascal approach Georgy and give him a shake.

“Wake up, dude, and join the party,” he said it loud enough for the words to echo around the gym, causing conversations to break off as everyone turned to look.

Just in time to see Georgy slide sideways off the chair and face plant on the gymnasium floor.


Find Pauline Baird Jones at: Website


Crystal Benedict said...

The book sounds awesome and that Bag oh wow! So fun! That would be super fun to carry :)

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Love the bag! Best of luck with Louisiana Lagniappe...it sounds intriguing! :)

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