Thursday, May 21, 2020

Handbag & Book - Episode 2: CONFESSIONS OF A SUPERCLEANER #ContainerStore #Covid19 #housebound #cleaning #romanticcomedy

YESTERDAY, I supercleaned the family room for the fourth time. I was amazed at how fast the dusting went because I had removed so much over the time I've been SIP and tackling projects. (Please, don't think I'm a sloppy housecleaner. Supercleaning means going deeper.) 

I opened a drawer to the media center and found:
Remotes (we never use)
Mouse(s) (last time used was to find Lady Gaga's "Telephone" video. That's the truth.)
Keyboards (same for Lady Gaga)

Handsome had lofty dreams of turning the television into a giant computer thingy. Fine. If used. And wasn't. I am talking years of not using. I  sat him down and asked to let them go. His hesitation was quite amusing. When I reminded him of the last time viewing Lady Gaga (he loves her), he agreed. 

I moved to decorating magazines, tossing the ones not current. Tossed a map for the same reason. Decided only to collect Robert Sabuda pop-up books (his engineering is a masterpiece. Find here.) not Christmas cards and shall be sending out the cards this year.

And there were the DVDs. Years ago, I tossed the cases and put the DVDs in a sleeve that
hangs in a box. Lots of work, but looks so much better and stays dust-free, except for the top
of the box and way easier to dust. Over time, SOMEBODIES didn't return the DVDs to their protective sleeve and store alphabetically in the box. Nooooo, tossed on the media center. I stacked them nicely and dusted around them mostly because I knew I would be the one who fixed that mess. 

D-day was yesterday. 

It took forever (but most likely, was an hour. I just like to whine about this. Who else says Bugs Bunny rocks?). I decided I needed an additional box. I purchased the original ones from the Container Store (love-love-love). A search told me they had nothing like I had anymore. BUT I could go for the rainbow version. Er, no. Secretly, I'm hoping the website neglected to show mine and shall go for a store visit where I'll find one like mine. (Seriously--rainbow?)

Are you supercleaning while SIP?

(Please, be reading a good book or working a puzzle or walking. LOL.)

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Barbara Monajem said...

Nonononono!! No super cleaning for me. The older I get, the less I am willing to do any sort of maintenance. If I can bathe, do my laundry and some dishes, floss and brush my teeth, and say my bedtime prayers (which qualifies as spiritual maintenance, lol), I am DONE.

Donnell Ann Bell said...

Oh, Vicki, will you please come to my house... particularly my office ;) Forgive me, but I don't know what SIP is. So proud of you letting go and decluttering. There's got to be a decluttering character in your future. :)

Donnell Ann Bell said...

I'm with Barbara, everything she just mentioned is a full-time chore!

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of funny fiction said...

Hi, Barbara and Donnell: Part of the problem is my mom. She was a supercleaner. There was never dust. Never ever. I look at this as a project and yes, I get to clean out too. Soon, I'll be tackling the utility room. Oh Lord, that is one hot mess. Lots of old electronics Handsome says we might need. (no we don't)

SIP is Stay in Place, Donnell. Sorta like quarantine. LOLOL

Thanks, gals, for reading!

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