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Monday, October 24, 2016

author @VickiBatman - #handbag and #book : I made a handbag and you could too #MFRWorg #RLF #Rssos #RB4U

Handbag and Book

Before I began writing in earnest, I was bitten by the jewelry bug. I made all kinds of bracelets, watches, pins, and yes, cigar box handbags.
My dad picked up cigar boxes to store clock parts in as he repaired old clocks and there were a lot of parts. Every now and then, I'd rummage through them and find ones I thought would be sturdy for a handbag. Handsome helped me add the eye hooks and I made the handle. The interior is just as interesting as the exterior:

I suppose I could have added felt or a mirror, but I didn't. It's attractive all by itself.

Does Hattie carry handbags? Of course! Here's a sample from the romantic comedy mystery, Temporarily Insane:

To complete my ensemble, I carried a red leather handbag, a designer knock-off.

I raced to my bedroom, flung my handbag with bamboo handles on the bed.

I could save up and treat myself to my favorite accessory: a new handbag. Now, that is money well spent.

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Angela Adams said...

I find it interesting when a book has a scene over a meal, and the author includes the recipe for one of the food items. By the way, that's an awesome handbag.

Cathy McElhaney said...

I am so sorry I have been missing your blogs...please forgive me! I have been dealing with way too much lately. I was just in Pittsburgh for my sisters funeral and while in the Strip District with my niece's and other sister, there was a cigar shop that was giving away boxes! I took 2 (because I only had a duffel bag to carry them home) for my grand daughters to store stuff in. I never thought to make one into a purse! The smaller one I could but the bigger one is too square...about 6-8 inches deep. She put her My Little Ponies in there!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! I've included recipes in the Season of Series. But the truth is I am not fond of cooking. Every now and then, I'll do something extra special. I label myself a food assembler. LOL

Hi, Cathy! I have seen your posts on FB and was so sorry to hear about your sister. I know your heart will ache for a long while.

I actually made handbags with square boxes too. Whatever took my fancy!

Melissa Keir said...

What a cute bag! I love the history of it and the connection with your father. :) I wish you all the best with your latest release!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Melissa! He did pick up some fun looking ones and I made handbags for friends with them. Thank you!

Mia McKimmy said...

Great handbag, Vicki! I've done a lot of crafts over the years but have never tried handbags. I still make jewelry between writing projects, and have stuck with it the longest. It's relaxing and kind of gives me a mental break. Best of luck with the new release!

Sylvia said...

Love this handbag. I love cigar boxes, but my dad didn't smoke. But there was something about them that just seemed neat. Great handbag. I think you should write a book about a handbag murder. She was strangled by her handbag or something.

Joanne Guidoccio said...

Hi Vicki, Love the handbag! Consider having a showing of all your bags at a local fair or festival...share all those stories and history. :)

vicki batman said...

Hi, Mia! So nice you could stop by and share your hobby. A cigar box handbag is the easiest. You could do this too!

Hi, Sylvia! LOL. A handbag murder. Maybe book four?

Hi, Joanne! I need to get out my red needlepoint bag and carry it. I put a lot of time and money in it and am paranoid something will ruin it!

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