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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

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Crafty gal

I made a pledge, even wrote down seven items, after the first of the year. Not really resolutions, just things I wanted done. One included was to clean up my needlepoint projects. Like many of you, I suffer from the "pretties" - I want that, and that, and that. LOL

Many years ago, we lived in another neighborhood and made close friends with a seventy something woman two doors down. She saw me embroidering and said she wanted to pick it up too. The whole idle hands thingy. So I took her to the craft store, loaded her up with cuptowels, pillowcases, transfers, needles and thread. 

In her early nineties, she moved to Pennyslvania to be closer to her brothers' families. However, before she left, she gave me things and one was a bag of embroidery projects. I'd stashed it with the needlepoint and when I found a day to declutter, I opened the bag. Lo and behold, there was a finished set of pillowcases. 

Not quite finished though. They needed an edging. I visited with my mom who I knew had a bunch of things from my grandmother. She didn't abide by idle hands either. We combed through mom's collection and found this:

I feel very lucky in that I have something stitched by my friend and something fashioned by my grandmother:

Do you received handmade goodies from friends and family?

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chris keniston said...

oh wow those are beautiful! And I just read an article recently that people who do hand crafts like knitting or embroidery are much less likely to develop alzheimers in their old age. So the idle hands things not only gives us beautiful things to pass on to friends and family, it keeps the mind sharp too!

Patricia said...

I have some very ancient doilies and table cloths and handkerchiefs from my grandmother which means they're over 100 years old. They're all stashed, however, in a cupboard in the hallway and never used. Your post prompts me to do something about that. I mean, what good are they hidden away forever? I'd love to use a beautifully crafted pillow case underneath my head at nights! Wow.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Patricia! I've put doilies on pillows to fancy them up. Quite a bit of stitching, but worth it. I've used very wide crochet on pillows for an edging, too. My friend is making a lap blanket with old handkerchiefs--she will have to come show them off here. My sister gave vintage hankies to bridal party members when my son married. So incredibly touching.

We forget these things are meant to be used. Will I ever use the sets of pillowcases I embroidered with grandmother's two inch wide tatting. Yeah, a long time later, and I haven't.

Red L. Jameson said...

I have the quilt my great grandmother brought with her from Norway. It's super heavy because the filling is horse hair--supposedly more insulating than down. I've never tested if it is more insulating, because the poor thing is now about 113 years old and worn when I received it. Still, I take it out when I talk about my heritage to my son, have him try to lift it. It's so good to have these things.

Sloane B. Collins said...

Beautiful pillow cases! I used to do a lot of cross-stitch, which I realize now were always gifts. I don't think I kept any for myself. I still have a lot of projects-to-be-done-someday...

One of the pieces I did was for my step-father. He had a Fiat convertible many years ago, and gave me a picture of him sitting on the back end of it. I had the picture turned in to a pattern and began to stitch it. The photo had been taken in front of a grove of pine trees. Guess how many shades of green were in the pattern - I think at least 15, maybe more.
It took a couple of years, but I finally gave it to him right before he passed away in '99. He loved it.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Red! and oh my! I remember my grandmother having a horsehair rug and it was so itchy. Several times, I've reupholstered chairs and have found it. I think it was used to insulate houses.

You have such a unique treasure and one day, your son will appreciate it. Hugs!

Hi, Sloane! You get a gold star for the crossstitch! That's a lot of green. Yet, it is simply doing that which has my admiration. My eyes began to cross. LOL

Jerrie Alexander said...

I have a few items from my grandmother and mother. A towel with a basket embroidered on it and a table cloth. My mother crocheted a bedspread for us many years ago. I was too young to know the sentimental value at the time. I used it for years until wear and age got the best of it.

Marlow Kelly said...

I don't know about idle hands, and in less you want a duct tape pillowcase you don't want me working on it. But I love the idea of having an item that was made by your grandmother and your friend.
Great post.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Jerrie! Well... The items are meant to be used not saved for the family Smithsonian--right? I get sad when I see so many nice crafty projects at the flea markets. Then again, sometimes that is a bonus for me!

Hi, Marlow! You know there are duct tape handbags!!!! Which I think is funny. I bought #2 son a duct tape wallet.

Having the pillowcases are such a joy and #2 asked if I could save them for him. I think I will. Hugs.

Angela Adams said...

Awesome! What a talent!!

vicki batman said...

Aww, Angela! Perhaps, not talent, just lots of practice on my part.

Florence Cronin said...

Oh, Vicki ... I wish I were so lucky to get something as beautiful as those pillow cases. And what a find that edging is. I search eBay and thrift stores for edging, old vintage lace and such.

My good friend is moving from Florida to Ohio and is giving me ALL of her vintage table linens and a rubber made container of her aunt's yard goods.

I think I am in heaven over those.

You did a great job with the cases :)

Melissa Keir said...

What a beautiful gift! How wonderful to have this to remember both of them by!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Florence! Awww, now i'LL HAVE TO make you something. Have fun with your friend's gifts.

Hi, Melissa! I know! It was fun to go through my mom's boxes of treasures to find the perfect edging. And we had a good chat too. Hugs!

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