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Thursday, June 16, 2016

I served. So what happened at jury duty? #spottingcelebrities #MFRWorg #RssosSisters #juryduty

Jury Duty with Troy Aikman

I mentioned a while back that I had been called for jury duty and not long ago, I did serve. I drove downtown and parked in a parking garage I’d never been to. I found a spot in the belly of the beast and had to memorize how I would get back to my car-down a flight of stairs, across bridge to access door, up escalator, and through security.

I found a seat in the back. Even past the 8:30 appointment time, people kept streaming in. We watched a how-to video narrated by local newscasters. Once done, we were told the process would begin in about thirty minutes.

Right on time, a clerk stood at the podium and called out a range of numbers. Each juror on this panel picked up a badge labeled “Juror” at her desk and exited through the same doors we’d entered. One guy in a green t-shirt and jeans approached the clerk and asked a question. She told him to “Pick up a badge and go to the court room.” The man turned and walked toward me. Troy Aikman. Even sports legends get to serve.

Another panel was called. Then a panel in a number range. I figured I would be called for the next one as the numbers had stopped right before mine. And yes, mine was called for a panel. We picked up our badges and headed to the eighth floor to a civil court. The deputy told us we would be waiting as “business was being finalized” right then. He instructed us to take a two hour lunch.

I sat on a bench with several other women and asked if they would like to go to lunch with me. They said yes and off we went to a local barbecue place. In the elevator, we picked up a nineteen year-old young man wearing a stylish blazer, jeans, blue and white gingham shirt, and Sperry’s. We all slid on sunglasses as we walked outside. And yes, everyone had spotted our celebrity.

I like meeting new people and getting to know about them. When asked, I told them I was a romance writer and they asked for information. I passed out cards. The young man told us about the ETSY business he wanted to start—customized blazers trimmed with gingham. Our group rounded out with a retired lady, a lady transitioning from finance to counseling, a hairdresser, and a teacher.

The teacher wanted to work on her grades; so she returned to the courthouse. About twenty minutes later, she showed and informed us our service had been done. Seems there was a settlement of some sort. The four of us returned to the courthouse to give back our badges, made our goodbyes, and headed home.

Like I’d said, most of us don’t want to be inconvenienced by jury duty. However, we do learn something from it, and I got to serve with Troy Aikman. LOLOL
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Marsha said...

Your experience was much like mine, Vicki--well except for the celebrity. I think it's a pretty good system. Now, I've never had to serve on a lengthy jury, so I might be looking at the whole thing with some sort of rosy glasses. I've shared. :)

Patricia said...

Nice story, Vicki. I have never served and yet have been sent "the letter" every single year. It got to the point that I don't even call any more - which is what we have to do here the day before you're supposed to go to the courthouse - because the answering machine always says you're not wanted. I think it would be kind of cool to see a real trial.

Nikki said...

Long ago I served on 3 cases. Back then in PA, you were on duty for 2 weeks no matter how many panels you sat on, and of course if a trial ran long you stayed on it. Yes, it was a nuisance, and child care cost more than the pittance we were paid in compensation.Yes, the lawyers played games, and yes, things were hidden from the jury. But the lasting impression I came away with was that the *jurors* were people of good will who struggled honestly to make righteous decisions. Not one of the cases was earthshaking, yet we faced moral dilemmas and questioned our prejudices. To this day I wonder if I made the right choices, if I made a difference. But I don't regret my service, and I honor all those who also serve.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Marsha! I have served on two juries and it is very interesting. The experience is well worth it.

Hi, Patti! We have call in as well and can reschedule if need be. I went on a Wednesday once instead of the typical Monday and nothing happened. Hugs!

Hi, Nikki! I find serving for two weeks very interesting and hope you didn't have to serve every year. Where I live, we can be excused for elder and child care. Since my boys are now grown, I've been called less frequently. If you made the right choices?? Well, it's like what I've told my sons--you have to make a decision based on the information you have at that time.

J.M. Maurer said...

Loved this story, Vicki! How fun would that have been if it had continued and Troy was right there too?
I would have probably had too many questions on my mind to pay attention. Thanks for sharing.

Melissa Keir said...

Sounds like you made the best of a crazy situation. Congrats on getting to meet Troy! I would have certainly been star stuck!

Angela Adams said...

I see the premise for a novel in this post!

Lorraine Henderson said...

I served on two juries here in Pennsylvania. My experience was quite sobering. One was a murder case, complete with pics of the body with 17 stab wounds. The second case was a child molestation and we were given the option to withdraw from the jury if we didn't feel able to deal with it. As someone else mentioned -- in serious cases like these two, you do struggle to find the truth . . . and also to really abide by those words the judge charges you with -- that the prosecutor must prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
It's been many years since that first case but I will never forget it and when I hear the name of the street the victim lived on, it all comes back to me again.

pastprimetravelers said...

Thank you Vicki for a well written story about your experience. I think the experience introduced you to several new people and enriched the day. On top of that, meeting a celebrity was like wonderful frosting on your cake.

Ilona Fridl said...

Sounds like some experence! I served on a jury one time, but the plantiff never showed up, so it was thrown out. I know you can run into celebrities in some of the strangest places.

Cathy McElhaney said...

I have gotten Jury duty several times, and the 1 time my number was called, the defendant didn't show up so they excused us. I would love to have met someone like you there to have lunch with. The one time I was called and sent to Garland, a lady offered to drive me because I had taken the train and had no way to get there in time. She was real nice and drove me home afterward. No celebrity at any of the ones I went to...that I recognized anyway!

vicki batman said...

Hi, J. M.! Okay, maybe I was misleading. Where I live, a large group is called for the "jury pool." Then the courts let the court administrators know if they need a panel. Usually, thirty-six people are called for a panel. In the first panel called was Troy. I was called for the sixth. LOL

Hi, Melissa! Definitely star struck.

Hi, Angela! Now, that's worth remembering.

Hi, Lorraine! Oh my, you had a very hard one to serve on. I applaud you for doing so. I remember my two; however, they weren't nearly like yours. Hugs!

Hi, past prime traveler! I love meeting new people and they were so nice. I found it interesting to have the young man serve and join us for lunch. We all mothered him. LOL

Hi, Ilona! Yes, I walked from the Museum of Natural History to the New York Athletic Club behind Ted Danson, never knowing it was him until a fan gushed.

Hi, Cathy! The thing I've found out about celebrities is it depends on the world--sports, entertainment, or what about finance? Handsome knows some rock stars in the finance business. They are on the news all the time.

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