Thursday, March 12, 2020

What Kind of Music to you Listen to? #classicalguitar #concert #discoveringsomethingnew #MFRWauthors

Often when I do interviews, one question asked is "what kind of music do you listen to when writing?"

I need to digress for a minute.

Many years ago,  our local mall had a store called Nature Wonders. While wandering with my girlfriend, guitar music came on. I heard it and my toes tapped and I wiggled some. So did my girlfriend. I ended up buying the CD by Nova Menco.

Here's a youtube video:

I bought the CD.

I often listen to classical music when driving because it is less agitating. I noticed more classical and Spanish guitar music. I wrote down names and listened to the snippets on Amazon and Apple music. I bought CDs and downloaded tunes. Eventually, I amassed a large playlist.

One day, I heard a famous father and sons group was coming to my area and I insisted ongoing. The host mentioned the local classical guitar series and cha-ching! I was sold. I became a subscriber.

So what kind of music do I listen to when writing? Classical and Spanish guitar.

I like it because no words are interfering with my words. LOL. I say this and have to admit I do listen to some other musicians like Simply Frank and classical music, too. I save the seventies (best music era ever) for most drives.

On Tuesday evening, Handsome and I heard David Russell. Boom! My head exploded with the incredible overload. I even closed my eyes periodically and listened. Interesting to do as it filtered down to what was important-the music.

I had to wear my Be Kind hat, though. A young man texted on his phone for the entire show. I honestly don't know how he had an experience. This concert was world-class. His loss.

Are you wondering if I listened to guitar while writing  Sommerville days? Some! Check out all the fun at: 

5 stars. Vicki Batman has all the feels with these short tales. They make the heart smile!

5 stars. I have read everything Ms. Batman has written. She is an excellent writer with a quick wit that makes me laugh out loud. Her characters are very likable, and the stories will leave you wanting more.

5 stars. Vicki Batman has a clever endearing way of making each of her characters seem like someone you might know and can relate to in each situation. The stories are witty and warm and keep you rooting for the happily ever after ending. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sommerville Days. 

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Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Great post Vickie!
I can't listen to music when I write...well, if a radio or something is on in another room maybe - background noise - but not close by.

Good luck and God's blessings

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of funny fiction said...

I know what you mean, Pam. That's why music with no lyrics work best for me.

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