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Monday, February 22, 2016

Special friend, special gift

Handbag Monday  I have a friend who was my handyman for many, many years. Several years back, he fell ill and had to retire. So every so often, I call him up and take him to our favorite hamburger joint for a chat. 
This past time, I took him home and settled between him and his girlfriend to bore them with pictures of my Europe trip. She noticed the ring I wore, one I inherited from my mom. She used to sell jewelry and loves jewelry. I love handbags. 
She said knowing I love handbags so much, she had something I might like, a handbag which belonged to her mother. And here it is:
This lovely creation was made in the forties or fifties. It has a label which says "Jill-Empress, Guaranteed Handmade, Japan." Here's the label:

The bag is fashioned of silk and covered with bugle beads. It's exquisite. 
When I did an internet search, I found this particular Jill-Empress brand of handbags were very affordable, anywhere from $12.00 to $60.00.
On several occasions, friends have gifted me with handbags which had belonged to relatives because they know how much I love them and I will always treasure them. And as always, the gesture truly touches my heart. 
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Cathy McElhaney said...

Did she give you that handbag? It's very pretty!I have a pinkie ring that was my mothers. I need to take it somewhere to be reshaped because I keep catching it on things.
Have an awesome week!

vicki batman said...

Hi, Cathy! She did give me the bag. I was awestruck, but she said her daughters wouldn't want it. So yeah for me!

Angela Adams said...

That was sweet (and touching) that she wanted to give you something that had been around and passed down.

vicki batman said...

Hi, Angela! I know. People have surprised me like this before, but they are usually family members.

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